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Rogue Trooper: Quartz Zone Massacre
Nintendo Wii

Have all Upgrades
077FA810 00000034
2C040000 40820028
39800000 3D600101
396B0101 7C641B78
9164016C 398C0001
38840004 2C0C0009
4081FFF0 8863016C
4AAA37F0 00000000
0429E02C 4955C7E4

Have Max Level
04C6CF90 0000000C

Have Max Salvage Total
04C6CF94 000F423F

Infinite Health
077FA800 00000010
3D604316 91630030
80630000 4AAC7270
042C1A78 49538D88

Infinite Bullets
0434269C 38600000

Infinite Mortar
043480A4 38030000

Infinite Sammys
043575D8 38000001

Infinite Grenade
0429D1C0 3BE00000

Salvage Gained x10
041E3568 1C9F000A

Gain Sale Price
0429BEA4 7C001A14


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