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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Nintendo Wii

Have 1 million gold
0467C9C0 000F4240

Infinite TP
041731C0 60000000

Infinite Health
041730A8 60000000

Debug Menu when loading save
0468E860 00000001

All Recipes
0268EAEA 00007FFF

Have all non-key Item's
0068EB8D 0009000A
0068EB98 0024000A
0068EBC0 0000000A
0068EBC2 0027000A
0068EC22 0148000A
0068EDAA 002F000A
0068EDDC 0009000A

All Artes (Emil and Marta)
0467D2DC 010FFFFF
0467D3C4 010FFFFF

All Titles (Emil and Marta)
0467D2A6 0007FFFF
0467D38C 00007FFF


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