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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Playstation 3
Multiplayer Unlockables:
Reach a certain level and you can buy different unlockables in the multiplayer store:


Bandoleer (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 4; Costs $2,000
Break Up (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 10; Costs $11,250
Come Get Some (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 58; Costs $2,000,000
Deposit (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 40; Costs $98,250
Down the Irons (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 14; Costs $18,750
Evasion (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 50; Costs $210,000
Explosive Expert (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 20; Costs $32,250
Fleet Foot (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 16; Costs $23,250
From the Hip (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 6; Costs $5,000
Glass Jaw (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 57; Costs $1,500,000
Half Loaded (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 54; Costs $400,000
Hell Blazer (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 18; Costs $27,750
Invalid (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 52; Costs $350,000
Juggler (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 38; Costs $94,500
Keep Firing (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 12; Costs $14,250
Launch Man (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 28; Costs $58,500
Monkey Man (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 32; Costs $72,000
Point and Shoot (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 2; Costs $2,000
Rapid Hands (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 42; Costs $111,000
Revenge (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 48; Costs $134,250
Rocket Man (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 44; Costs $120,000
Scavenger (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 8; Costs $8,250
Scoped In (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 36; Costs $87,000
Situational Awareness (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 46; Costs $129,000
Sure Foot (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 26; Costs $52,500
Sure Shot (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 30; Costs $64,500
Treasure Bearer (Booster Slot 2)Reach Level 24; Costs $43,500
Turtle (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 22; Costs $40,500
Veiled (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 51; Costs $300,000
Walk Softly (Booster Slot 1)Reach Level 34; Costs $79,500


Cameraman JeffReach Level 30; Costs $100,000
Doughnut DrakeReach Level 60; Costs $2,000,000
Genghis Khan Villain SkinBeat Crushing Difficulty. Cost: 1,500,000
Harry FlynnReach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Heist DrakeReach Level 10; Costs $20,000
Heist FlynnReach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Karl SchaferReach Level 50; Costs $1,000,000
Lieutenant DrazaReach Level 50; Costs $1,000,000
Marco Polo Hero SkinGet the Platinum trophy. Cost: Free.
SkelzorReach Level 60; Costs $2,000,000
Winter ChloeReach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Winter DrakeReach Level 40; Costs $250,000
Winter ElenaReach Level 30; Costs $100,000
Winter FlynnReach Level 30; Costs $100,000
Zoran LazarevicReach Level 40; Costs $250,000
ZorskelReach Level 10; Costs $20,000


Flex TauntReach Level 20; Costs $50,000
Flurry TauntReach Level 30; Costs $100,000
Kiss TauntReach Level 10; Costs $10,000
Pump TauntReach Level 53; Costs $500,000
Yes TauntReach Level 40; Costs $250,000

Free money:
If you have earned trophies in the original Uncharted you can get cash in the store for each trophie. You can also get cash for having a savegame from the original Uncharted. You'll get $20.000 if you have a savegame and $80.000 if you have a completed savegame.

Use tweaks on a new difficulty:
You can use tweaks you've unlocked on one difficulty when you replay on another one. Start a new game and play until you get a gun. Go to options and change to the difficulty you unlocked the tweaks on. Enable the tweaks then save and quit. Change the difficulty back to the new one then select Continue.

Unlock Crushing difficulty:
Beat the game on Hard to unlock Crushing difficulty.

Infinite money:
If you do something in the game that rewards a lot of money, save your game if it is not an auto-save area then quit to the main menu. The load your game and do it again to get the reward as many times as you like.


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