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Band Hero
Playstation 3

 Welcome to Band Hero
Objective: Complete all of the tutorials

 Rise to Fame
Objective: Complete 25% of the gigs in Career

Objective: Earn 111 Stars in Career

 Platinum Blonde
Objective: Earn Platinum level on a Career Challange

 Iced Out
Objective: Earn Diamond level on a Career Challenge

 My First Gig
Objective: Complete a Career gig on any difficulty

Objective: Host an online Career game and play a song

 Face to Face
Objective: Complete 25 online Pro Face-Off matches, win or lose

 Till Death Do Us Part
Objective: Play an online Do or Die game

 In the Moment
Objective: Successfully complete a Band Moment

 Star Light, Star Bright
Objective: Score over 10,000 points while in a single Star Power deployment in Career or Quickplay

 A Cool Mill
Objective: Score over 1,000,000 points as a band in any single song in Career or Quickplay

 Studio Time
Objective: Create a GH Studio song

 Fevered Pitch
Objective: 100% a song as a vocalist

 Jack of All Trades
Objective: Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better

 There's no 'I' in 'Band Hero'
Objective: Complete a song with 4 players without any members failing on expert in Career or Quickplay

 Four of a Kind
Objective: Complete a song as 4 of the same instrument on any difficulty in Quickplay or Career

 Star Powered
Objective: Earn an 11x multiplier

 Picture Perfect
Objective: Streak through an entire song without missing a note on medium or harder difficulty

 Secret Notes 1
Objective: Hint: *e*** *c*****y

 Secret Notes 2
Objective: Hint: **n** ***k***

 Secret Notes 3
Objective: Hint: *** *ol**** ****e*

 Secret Notes 4
Objective: Hint: **l* *ll**

 Secret Notes 5
Objective: Hint: A** * A*

 Secret Notes 6
Objective: Hint: ***o*n 5

 Secret Notes 7
Objective: Hint: **v** *o***

 Secret Notes 8
Objective: Hint: *v***s***c*

 Secret Notes 9
Objective: Hint: H*****

 Secret Notes 10
Objective: Hint: *a* B****a*

 Secret Notes 11
Objective: Hint: *o ***b*

 Secret Notes 12
Objective: Hint: ***v** **y*

 Secret Notes 13
Objective: Hint: **i** *i***

 Secret Notes 14
Objective: Hint: **ll*** ****l*

 Secret Notes 15
Objective: Hint: **l*** **ff

 Secret Notes 16
Objective: Hint: *e***w***d

 Secret Notes 17
Objective: Hint: *h* *ll-**e***** **j****

 Secret Notes 18
Objective: Hint: **y O*****

 Secret Notes 19
Objective: Hint: **r* **u****


 Nation's Star
Objective: Complete 50% of the gigs in Career

 World Known
Objective: Complete 75% of the gigs in Career

Objective: Earn 333 Stars in Career

Objective: Earn 555 Stars in Career

 Road Most Travelled
Objective: Unlock every venue

 Nice to Meet You
Objective: Complete the gigs and unlock all of the celebrity characters

 A New Challenge Awaits
Objective: Complete 50 of the Career Challenges at Platinum or Diamond

 Testing the Waters
Objective: Play through every Band Hero song once


 The Long Road Ahead
Objective: Complete Career on any difficulty with any instrument

 Treasure Hunt
Objective: Collect all of the Secret Notes


Objective: Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Band Hero


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