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Cars Race-o-Rama
Playstation 3

 A Real Go Getter!
Objective: Win every Transporter event.

 Big Ham!
Objective: Complete every Photo Op.

 Crowned Karter!
Objective: Win every Guido Kart event.

 Drift Master!
Objective: Score 4500 points with a single drift.

 Luigi's BFF!
Objective: Win every Tire Find event.

 Mack Track Medalist!
Objective: Score 4000 points in the Mack Track Challenge event.

 Mini Master!
Objective: Win every Mini Game event.

 Mooo-ving Along!
Objective: Win every Tractor Stampede event.

Objective: Win every Autocross event.

 Pluggin' Away!
Objective: All Sparkplugs collected from all races.

 Podium Perfection!
Objective: Win every circuit race event.

Objective: Win every Point to Point Race event.

 Team Player!
Objective: Win every Academy Challenge.

 The Law!
Objective: Win every Sheriff's Pursuit event.


 Autovia Avenger!
Objective: Beat El Machismo.

 Big City!
Objective: Beat Stinger.

 Daring Devil!
Objective: Score 5500 points in the Mater the Greater event.

Objective: Score 25000 points in the Materdor event.

 The Champ!
Objective: Beat Chick Hicks for the Title.

 Santa Carburera Champ!
Objective: Beat Candice.

 Tokyo Triumph!
Objective: Score 25000 points in the Tokyo Mater event.


 Trophy Collector!
Objective: Earn every trophy.


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