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Tales of Vesperia
Playstation 3

 10,000 Guards Saved
Objective: An income inconceivable to a regular citizen. But there are many ways to use that money! Try giving some to charity.

 Achieved a Combo of 150
Objective: Combo, combo and combo! An uninterrupted combo is an art! But do not be satisfied with this, aim for a higher one.

 All Quiz Questions Right
Objective: You made the best of a once-only chance! Likely a maniac Tales PhD.

 Bunny Guild Member
Objective: Wear Bunny Ears and play for five hours with Yuri, Esther, Rita and Judis. You will become a member of the Bunny Guild before you know it!

 Character achieved level 200
Objective: Proof of becoming the strongest. To surpass this limit, you can only use herbs. How far will you go?

 Crushed 1000 Enemies
Objective: Fight,fight and continue to fight...The amount of battles exceeds even the Devil Hunter's Sword.It is an impressive feat,but don't become a scary guy.

 Defeated First Giganton Monster
Objective: The special monster "Giganton" is different from other monsters . There are still many of them out there, so go to challenge them!

 First Combination
Objective: Let's make new weapons using composition!

 Landed First Fatal Strike
Objective: All or nothing! One hit kill! If you master this the battles become easy!

 Low Level Challenger
Objective: Defeated the Boss Val under level 15! This is impressive. One can say this is a battle for those who know how to fight.

 Mastered all the Skit
Objective: Proof that you saw all the Skits. Can you see some surprising expressions of the characters!?

 Over 100 Play Hours
Objective: If you think about it, it amounts to four straight days! When does this adventure end? It is up to you.

 Over 100,000 chips
Objective: You can brag about your gambling skills. However do not forget your real purpose.

 Performed 20 Combinations
Objective: Combine, combine and combine again... Can you remember the recipes by heart?!

 Recovered the Demon Nucleus of Aqueduct's Magic Container
Objective: You recovered the Demon Nuclues of Aqueduct's Magic Container from the Bal Boss. With this, downtown's water fountain should be fixed.

 Secret Mission 1
Objective: In the battle of Zagi, you defeated Zagi without letting Esterize get too hurt.

 Secret Mission 10
Objective: In the battle of Puteropus, when the troops separate, you prevented them from re-uniting by defeating the Leader Bat.

 Secret Mission 11
Objective: In the Outbreak battle, you interrupted the enemy's "day and night reversal" magic by destroying the core while he was preparing it.

 Secret Mission 12
Objective: In the battle of Belius, you lit all the candles and erased all the clones.

 Secret Mission 13
Objective: In the Tyson & Nun battle, you timed your attack to match the opening before each enemy's special attack, bringing them both down.

 Secret Mission 14
Objective: In the Shuvaan battle,you brought down your enemy by attacking during the opening when he holds his heart after performing his"Secret Invocation"move.

 Secret Mission 15
Objective: In the fourth Zagi battle,when the enemy became poisoned its own will,you force it to recover by using the special skill"Heart Life Recover Stamp"

 Secret Mission 16
Objective: In the battle of Baitojou, you let your enemy's "Ice Blade of Running Light" hit 3 times to make it drag on the ice.

 Secret Mission 17
Objective: In the Yuri vs. Esterize battle, you used the item "Mother's memento".

 Secret Mission 18
Objective: In the battle of Eigaa,after enemy performs a Guard Break,he will stop protecting his heart with one hand for short.You used Reivun's "Drizzle" skill.

 Secret Mission 19
Objective: In the battle of Alexsei, you downed your enemy by targeting the opportunity that arises after it has performed its move "Secret Invocation".

 Secret Mission 2
Objective: In the battle of Goraias, you brought down X Basta by attacking the weak spot in his middle body.

 Secret Mission 20
Objective: In the second Cursed Bone Wandering Warrior battle, you used the item "Beautiful star"

 Secret Mission 21
Objective: In the second Gushios battle,you corner your enemy by attacking its tail,and you jumped in just as the enemy lifted his foot striking and winning.

 Secret Mission 22
Objective: In the battle of Crome,you brought him down by timing your attack to strike just during the opportunity opened by the enemy's special attack and won.

 Secret Mission 23
Objective: In the battle of Fren, Fren used all its skills, including the "Secret Invocation".

 Secret Mission 24
Objective: In the fifth battle of Zagi,you brought down your enemy by attacking during the opportunity given when the enemy repeats its "Cursed Body Magic" move.

 Secret Mission 25
Objective: In the second battle of Duke, you defeated Duke by using the "Secret Mysteries" attack.

 Secret Mission 3
Objective: In the battle of Gattouzo, you brought down your enemy by using the "Bibariha" flower and making him faint.

 Secret Mission 4
Objective: In the second battle of Zagi, you blew away your enemy onto the ocean from the ship.

 Secret Mission 5
Objective: In the frightening Giant battle, you timed your movement to jump in just as the enemy lifted its foot, striking and reversing the battle for your win.

 Secret Mission 6
Objective: In the battle of Gigalarva, you used Reivun's special move "mole transformation" to stop your enemy's regeneration.

 Secret Mission 7
Objective: In the Val Boss battle, you broke the bridge and made it impossible to call reinforcements.

 Secret Mission 8
Objective: In the Cursed Bone Wandering Warrior Battle, you brought down your opponent by attacking whilst he recharged his weapon.

 Secret Mission 9
Objective: In the third battle of Zagi, you made your enemy's arm magic container explode by letting him absorb too much magic.

Objective: Beat course 1 of Border Rapids mini-game in less than 40 seconds! This is fast! Too Fast! If you can do this, you can surely challenge that ghost!

 Speed Gamer
Objective: Game Clear in less than 15 hours! An incredible speed. A heavenly runner! But next time take it easy.There probably are many things you have not seen.

 The Memory Technique
Objective: Go around all the Memory Technique Systems (save points). Likely a maniac's venture.

 Total Travel Distance: 50,000 KM
Objective: Turn around and look how far you have come! If you convert it to a full marathon, it amounts to 1185 times!


 Completed the Collector's Album
Objective: One of the most difficult trophies to get.You are the Item Master!Eh?There's someone who needs this picture book...Would you lend it for just 1 night?

 Completed the Monster Album
Objective: One of most difficult trophies to get.You are the Monster Master!With book you can track the weak spots time you get it,you needn't anymore!?

 Completed World Map
Objective: Proof that you ventured to the end of the world. You will surely find your one and only Precious!?

 Conquest of the Lost Memory Road
Objective: Cleared the special dungeon "Lost Memory Road". What did you think of that entrance?

 Ended Alexei's Ambition
Objective: You stopped Alexei's world domination. However the Star Seer... The fight seems to continue on.

 Giganton Hunter
Objective: You Defeated all Giganton Monsters.This is recognition for a Heroic player.You think there is nothing you can't defeat?Not so fast,the world is big.

 Title Completed
Objective: From strange to cool... Open your heart and call yourself by your true title.


 Conquest of Gazing Mirror Graveyard
Objective: Cleared the special Dungeon "Gazing Mirror Graveyard" . You have crushed this game's strongest enemy! Next time try it with 2 members.

 Crushed the Star Seer
Objective: Together with the Duke, you crushed the threat to the world, the Star Seer! Towards a world that does not rely on Demon Vessels, towards a new world.


 TOV Master
Objective: Proof of absolute mastery of TOV. Thank you for playing so much!


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