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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising
Playstation 3

 Without Warning
Objective: Destroy Radar emplacement

 Saber Beats SAM
Objective: Disable the SAM sites

 Tideís Out
Objective: Successfully hold the beachhead

 Runway Relief
Objective: Complete the airfield

 Sandmanís Saviors
Objective: Extract the downed air crew

 Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul
Objective: Get to the extraction chopper

 Resource Management
Objective: Secure the fuel depot

 Heroic Rescue
Objective: Rescue the hostages

 Uphill Struggle
Objective: Eliminate the PLA mortar site

 Bug Out
Objective: Reach the extraction point

 Ship It
Objective: Assault the Naval base

 Shock and Awe
Objective: Call in your first air strike

 Hard Rain
Objective: Call in your first artillery barrage

 Squad Slayer
Objective: Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies


 Skirinka Island Tour
Objective: Find the PLA helicopter and fly it around Skirinka Island in Dragon Rising

 Ghost Ops
Objective: Eliminate the PLA Commander in Blinding The Dragon

 Get Creative
Objective: Destroy the PLA APC on the top of the beach in United We Stand

 Hip Shooter
Objective: Destroy the fleeing PLA transport helicopter in Eagle Offense

Objective: Destroy the PLA armored units around the village in Powder Trail

 Fuel the Fire
Objective: Destroy all of the PLA fuel trucks in Hip Shot

 Ruthless Efficiency
Objective: Eliminate the remaining troops on the second line with one motar barrage in Bleeding Edge

 Perfect Rescue
Objective: All hostages must survive in Looking for Lois

 Keep Ďem Rolling
Objective: Ensure all of the Abrams reach the supporting fire position in Trumpetís Sound

 Two Birds, One Stone
Objective: Eliminate Han and the radio station with one JDAM in Decapitation

 Vertical Envelopment
Objective: Pilot an MH-60S safely to the designated landing zone in Dragon Fury

 Low Blow
Objective: Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine

 Scrap Metal
Objective: Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon

 Clear Skies
Objective: Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon

 The Sky is Falling
Objective: Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using its weapons

 Platoon Pounder
Objective: Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies

 Unbloodied Hands
Objective: Complete a mission without directly killing anyone yourself

 All Patched Up
Objective: Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in Co-op

 Florence Nightingale Award
Objective: Apply the field dressing to other wounded soldiers 20 times


 Dragon Rising
Objective: Complete the campaign on any difficulty

 Dragon Rising - Hardcore
Objective: Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty

 Company Killer
Objective: Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies


 Platinum Trophy
Objective: All Trophies Collected


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