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Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble
Playstation 3

 Mummy Madness
Objective: Win a game of All Wrapped Up

 Monster Pirate
Objective: Knock every other computer controlled monster into the water in Treasure Hunt

 Wonky Donkey
Objective: Hit every Zombie Donkey and still win a game of Boo

 Play it Safe
Objective: Donít loose any points in a game of Ghoulish Golf

 Last Monster Sitting
Objective: Win a round of Musical Chairs when only one chair remains


 Naked Mummy
Objective: Completely Unwrap a mummy within the time limit in All Wrapped Up

 Dry as a Whistle
Objective: Win a agme of Treasure Hunt without getting wet

Objective: Hit every Zombie in Boo! including the Zombie Master. But make sure you donít hit the Donkeys!

 Gifted Golfer
Objective: Get 20 hole-in-ones during a game of Ghoulish Golf

 Musical Monster
Objective: Win every round in a game of Musical Chairs


 An Amazing Monster
Objective: Win a stanard single player game with Monsters set to hard


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