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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Playstation 3

 A More Perfect Union
Objective: Finish what you started.

 All Options on the Table
Objective: Defend a convoy.

 Alliance Reborn
Objective: Break and enter.

 Back in Action
Objective: Perform 10 revivals.

 Coalition of the Willing
Objective: Crash a castle.

 Collateral Damage
Objective: Stop a convoy.

 Costume Collector
Objective: Unlock 23 alternate costumes.

 Decorated Veterans
Objective: Complete 24 maps in Co-Op.

 Defending Our Way of Life
Objective: Rescue a hideout.

 Distinguished Service
Objective: Collect 50 Team Boosts.

 Experienced Allies
Objective: Complete 8 maps in Co-Op.

 Extraordinary Heroism
Objective: Collect 125 Team Boosts.

 Freedom Isnít Free
Objective: Raid a hideout.

 Grave and Growing
Objective: Free a country.

 Heroes Unite
Objective: Perform 10 Fusions with another player-controlled hero in a Co-Op game.

 If Youíre Not With Us
Objective: Choose a side.

 Knowns and Unknowns
Objective: Repay a favor.

 Legendary Schism
Objective: Defeat all Act I missions on Legendary Difficulty.

 Legendary War
Objective: Defeat all Act II missions on Legendary Difficulty.

 Listening In
Objective: Collect 30 Audio Logs.

 Melee Training
Objective: Complete all melee training goals listed on the Stats page.

 Mission Accomplished
Objective: Topple a dictator.

 Oceans No Longer Protect Us
Objective: Protect a city.

 Old Friends
Objective: Have 10 special conversations between characters with a history while in an HQ map.

 Potential Evidence
Objective: Collect 10 Concept Art Bundles in HQ maps.

 Power Training
Objective: Complete all Power training goals listed on the Stats page.

 Rookie Squad
Objective: Complete a map in Co-Op.

 Seek and Destroy
Objective: Complete all optional mission objectives.

 Sim Amateur
Objective: Earn 4 Bronze Medals from Simulator Missions.

 Sim Champion
Objective: Earn 12 Gold Medals from Simulator Missions.

 Sim Expert
Objective: Earn 8 Silver Medals from Simulator Missions.

 Sim Team-Up
Objective: Earn Mission Succeeded on a Simulator Mission in Co-Op and return to the Simulator menu.

 Superior Intel
Objective: Collect 125 Dossiers.

 Tactical Training
Objective: Perform all 5 recommended training Fusions in Latveria.

 Trivia Buff
Objective: Correctly answer 15 Trivia questions.

 Trivia Genius
Objective: Earn all Trivia rewards.

 Trivia Team-Up
Objective: Score 30 Trivia Fusions.

 Uncontained Aggression
Objective: You or other players on your team must destroy 250 health containers.


 A House Divided
Objective: Defend your leaders.

 Above and Beyond
Objective: Collect 200 Team Boosts.

 Every Trick In The Book
Objective: Complete all combat mastery goals listed on the Stats page.

 Fallen Star
Objective: Ambush your opponents.

 Iím With Captain America
Objective: Defeat all Act II and III missions as an Anti-Registration team.

 Iím With Iron Man
Objective: Defeat all Act II and III missions as a Pro-Registration team.

 Iron and Blood
Objective: Fight back an ambush.

 Legendary Alliance
Objective: Defeat all Act III missions on Legendary Difficulty.

 Undefeated Heroes
Objective: Defeat 12 mission bosses on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without revival or map reload.

 United We Stand
Objective: Earn 20 high scores for each type of Fusion: Targeted, Guided, and Clearing.


 Immortal Heroics
Objective: Defeat 25 maps on Super Heroic or Legendary Difficulty without revival or map reload.

 Powers of Two
Objective: Perform all Fusions by combining every available pairing of 24 heroes.


 Platinum Award
Objective: Obtain all other trophies.


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