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Gunstar Heroes
Playstation 3
There are 8 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies, 1 Gold Trophy for this title.


 Locked and Loaded
Objective: Begin the game with each weapon.

 Colonel Red
Objective: Rescue Yellow by defeating Smash Daisaku.

 OMG 11 Bosses
Objective: Complete the Dice Palace and defeat Black Beat Stepper.

 Not Quite Red
Objective: Defeat Orange on the Flying Battleship.

 Crab Attack
Objective: Defeat Crab Force in the Underground Mine.

Objective: Defeat Pinky Roader in the Ancient Ruins.

 Bravoo Man
Objective: Defeat Bravoo Man in the Ancient Ruins.

 Papaya Dance
Objective: Defeat Papaya Dance in the Ancient Ruins.


 Golden Silver
Objective: Defeat superboss Golden Silver.

 O Brother
Objective: Defeat Green.

 Greedy Fly
Objective: Defeat Black Fly.


 Complete The Game
Objective: Play through the final scene of Gunstar Heroes.


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