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Velvet Assassin
PC Games
Cheat Codes
While playing, hold [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [O] + [E] and then press [H] to activate Developer mode. You can then press any of the following cheat keys.

GGod Mode
VToggle Visibility
MMaximum Armor
NMaximum Ammo for Current Weapon
1Give Next Rifle
2Give Next Handgun
5Give Gas Mask
6Give Explosives
7Intended Upgrade Attributes
8Add 1000 EXP
9Give Morphine
XToggle Fly Mode

Cheat Method
Browse to your Velvet Assassin\aio\ folder and open the difficulty.cfg file using Notepad. You can alter any of the entries in this file to suit your needs. For example, change:

NPCDamage = 1


NPCDamage = 0

...for Invulnerability. Note that you can also alter other files in this folder such as weapons.cfg to make further adjustments to your game.
(supplied by: johhnjohhn)

Enemies Cannot See Violet (even in light)
Open the enemy files in the install\aio\enemyclasses folder using Notepad. Set all the FOV stats to 0 and the enemy will be blind to Violet. She will only be detected if you bump into them.
(supplied by: Keeper08)


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