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7.62 High Calibre
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Bring down the console with the Tilde (~) key and enter the cheats.

*NOTE* Listed cheats will cause the game to display your name as "CHEATER".

Skill Cheats:

GetSkill [Skillname]
Lists available skills, add a Skill Name after cheat and it tells you the skill number.

CheatSkill [Skillname] [Amount]
Use to set your skill number to whatever. Example = "Cheatskill skshooting 99".
(supplied by: Knightmare27)

Free Shopping:
Type enter_dev_mode into the cheat console. Press [Enter] then type shop. You will be transported to the shop with everything and then transported back to your game.

God Mode: Type ImmortalCheat 1 into the cheat console.


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