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Fallout 3
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Open the console by pressing ~ (tilde) during the game. Type any of the following cheat codes.

tgmGod Mode
tclNo Clipping Mode
tmm 1All Mapmarkers
advlevelAdvance to Next Level
getXPfornextlevelAdvance to Next Level
showracemenuModify Appearance
killKill Selected NPC
tfowToggle Fog of War
movetoqtTeleport to Quest Target
resurrectResurrect Targeted NPC
coc testqaitemsWarp to Room with All Items
coc megatoncommonhouseWarp Back
unlockUnlock Selected Item (Doors, etc)
Player.SetWeaponHealthPerc 100Restore Weapon to 100%

Add Items/Spells
Use the code player.additem [itemnr] [nr]. This adds amount [nr] of item [itemnr] to inventory. Use player.addspell [itemnr] to add spells or aid.


Example: player.additem 0000000f 5 to add 5 bottle caps.

Set Skills/Attributes
Use the codes player.setav [skill], [nr] for skills and player.setav [attribute] [nr] for attributes.

Note: Skills and attributes are written in small letters, together as one word. "Melee Weapons" turns to "meleeweapons".

You can also use modpca [attribute] [nr] to raise attribute points. Example: modpca strength 5 will raise your Strength by 5. Max is 10.
(supplied by: drsparris)


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