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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Nintendo DS
Cheat Mode:
Complete the first mission to unlock Rogue Shadow. Then access the Enter Code option in the Extras menu and enter the codes.

Increased health:
Enter QSSPVENXO as a code.

Unlimited Force energy:
Enter TVENCVMJZ as a code.

Maximum Force powers level:
Enter CPLOOLKBF as a code.

Maximum combo level:
Enter MOMIROXIW as a code.

Amplified damage:
Enter LIGHTSABER as a code.

Darth Vader:
Enter HRMXRKVEN as a code.

General Rahm Kota:
Enter MANDALORE as a code.

General Rahm Kota's costume:
Enter EEDOPVENG as a code.

Kento's robe:
Enter KBVMSEVNM as a code.

Sith robe:
Enter ZWSFVENXA as a code.

Sith Stalker armor:
Enter CPLZKMZTD as a code.

Ceremonial Jedi robes:
Enter CURSEZRUX as a code.

Kento's robes:
Enter WOOKIEE as a code.

Sith robes:
Enter HOLOCRON as a code.


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