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Drawn to Life
Nintendo DS

Unlock Templates:
Enter pause mode and enter the following codes while holding down L:

B,B,A,A,XAnimal Templates
Y,X,Y,X,ARobot Templates
Y,A,B,A,XSports Templates
X,Y,B,A,AAlien Templates
A,X,B,B,Y Invincibility
Y,X,Y,X,Y,X,AHeal all Damage

Unlock Secret Town:
To unlock the secret town, you must throw a total of 10,000 rapo coins into the town well. Once you have down that, you can switch between the normal and secret town by tapping on the well with your stylus.

Town Fountain Unlockables:
Either press A or tap on the well next to it to deposit coins. After a certain amount is deposited, something is unlocked:

2002 Extra Lives
5005 Extra Lives
1000Music Available 'Special'
2000Palette Available 'Horizontal'
3000Music Available 'City Funk'
5000Stamp Available 'Shape2'
6000Music Available 'Alt.'
700010 Extra Lives
800020 Extra Lives
10.000Developer's Grove (Secret town)

(supplied by: niteterror2k7)


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