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Mount & Blade
PC Games
Cheat mode:
Open the rgl_config.txt in the installation folder and find the line
cheat_mode = 0

...change it to
cheat_mode = 1

Then use the cheat codes in-game.

Add 10 to each weapon proficiency:
Press CTRL + W.

Add 1000 XP:
Press CTRL + X. (Only works on the character screen)

AI fights for you:
Press CTRL + F5. (Only works in battle)

One hit kills:
Press CTRL + F4. (Only works in battle)

Full health:
Press CTRL + H. (Only works in battle)

Add 1000 Gold:
Press CTRL + X. (Only works on the inventory screen)

Slow Motion:
Press CTRL + F9.

Teleport to cursor:
Press CTRL + Left Click.

See all partys on map:
Press CTRL + T. (Only works on map screen)

Upgrade selected party member:
Press CTRL + X.


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