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Army of Two
Playstation 3
Unlock All Primary Weapons:
Beat the game on the Recruit or Contractor.

Unlock All Secondary & Special Weapons:
Beat the game on Professional.

Unlock Professional Difficulty:
Beat the game once on Recruit or Contractor

Money Trick:
1. Start the China Mission.
2. Go up to your Objective.
3. Watch Cutscene.
4. Do Coop Snipe.
5. Look at top screen and wait until 2nd car is in middle then shoot.
6. Get out to the hover craft in other words back down.
7. Once down kills and money will appear at top left and 30,000 will be added.
8. Press Start, Quit then go to single player campaign mission, select China and redo.
9. Get 30,000 each time.
(supplied by: Wizey)


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