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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008
PlayStation 2
Unlock HHH and HBK'sDX outfits:
Enter DXCostume69K2 as a cheat code.

Unlock Kelly Kelly alternate outfit:
Enter KellyKG12R as a cheat code.

Easy wins on legend difficty:
Go to options and select game options. Then go to custom settings and set all the bars to [0]. It will make it alot easier to win matches for the hall of fame modes.
(supplied by: blackened)

Easy money wins:
Some ways you win are 1] to take both the ladders to the stage (where superstars enter), wait for the superstars to come, hit them and run with the ladder back for an advantage 2] if you are trying to win for the hall of fame mode play as a hardcore superstar sandman sabu etc. or even your own character. If you get hurt into red, run out of the ring and grab a chair, press R1 and Triangle (with a finisher) to get rid of damage.
(supplied by: blackened)


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