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Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Sony PSP
Here is my little FAQ on the 3* village plessioth in the desert.

To prepare for the quest you will need to take:
*10 potions
*10 mega potions
*10 paintballs
*8 sonic bombs (you get 2 more in the blue box)
*20 whetstones(blademaster)
*50 power coating (bow)
*as many fire, thunder and any other bullets you want (gunner) These are the bare essentials. You proberly wont need all these as this is a fairly easy quest but its worth having them. You can also take anything else you think may come in handy but remember that you have limited space.

If you have some cats take a meat (cubesteak, spicy sausage or wild bacon) item + a bran (hardtack or snowy rice) if your a blademaster for +15 defense but if your using a bow or bowgun take a milk (aged cheese or carefree yogurt) + another milk item for +25 stamina and a small attack boost.

For your armour set you should use something with good defense and/or good water resistance. Dont worry too much though as its not really a hard quest.

Suitable weapons:
*Long Sword = Eager Cleaver, Wyvern Blade *Great Sword = Khezu Shock Sword, Red Wing *Hammer = something with good damage + sharpness *Hunting Horn = Khezu horn *Lance = something with good damage + sharpness *Gunlance = something with good damage + sharpness *Sword & Shield = Red Saber *Dual Swords = Twin Kut Ku, Twin Flames *Light Bowgun = something with good damage + uses thunder/fire *Heavy Bowgun = something with good damage + uses thunder/fire *Bow = Sonic Bow, Kut Ku Stave All these weapons are obtainable at 3* village

Now on to the actual quest. Take the first aid meds, map, mini whetstones (blademaster), rations, hot drinks and the sonic bombs from the blue box. Now eat the hot drink and eat enough rations until your stamina bar is full. Then go and climb up onto the well (O when near it) and drop down into area 6. If this is your first time fighting him then hell be in area 7 and youll get a clip when you enter. if not he could be in area 6 so have a quick check. When you find him throw a sonic bomb near him to get him out of the water. When hes out throw a paintball at him to keep track of him. Then if your using a melee weapon start attacking him on his legs to make him fall over, then attack his stomach when he falls over. If your using a bow/bowgun keep on attacking his stomach from a distance. If your in six you can even stand on the ledge and attack him without getting hit.

On land he has four attacks to look out for, his sidestep (as i call it), his bite attack, his tail whip and his water spray. If your using a melee weapon youll need to look out for his sidestep and tailwhip. If you stay underneath him youll be safe from his tailwhip most of the time, however his sidestep is the real problem. If your using a weapon that can block, block as soon as you see it coming but if you cant block then youll have to try and roll out of the way but dont be disappointed if it still gets you because it does 99% of the time. If your using a bow/bowgun though this is a very easy fight for you on land. The only attack to look out for most of the time is his water spray and you can see this coming a mile of. His head will reel back and this tells you hes gonna do it so make sure your not directly infront of him and youll be fine.

Although as a gunner you will need to watch out for his tail whip and sidestep aswell because they come out suprisingly far so be careful. When he goes in the water he has two attacks. both of these are water sprays but one goes from side to side at a short distance and the other is a straight line. Watch out for these and youll be OK. If your using a bow/bowgun you can attack him in the water but mind you dont kill him in there because you cant carve. If your using a melee weapon however just wait for the chance to chuck another sonic bomb at him to bring him out of the water. This is advised for bow/bowgun users aswell as its actually easier to fight him out of water. keep on repeating this untill he either goes to area 6/7, depending on what area hes already in, or his top fin goes down. This means hes almost dead so just keep on going for that while longer untill hes lying on that floor and your knife is slicing through him obtaining his materials.
(supplied by: JaK14)


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