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Sim City Societies
PC Games
Cheat Codes
While playing, press [ENTER] to bring up the console. Type any of the following cheat codes:

allinjure 0Everyone is Healed
allinjure 1Everyone is Injured
allsick 0Everyone is Healed
allsick 1Everyone is Sick
EurekaAll Buildings Available
RewardAll Reward Buildings Available
whatsaguzzardoFree Actions in Buildings
orboFree Energy
moneytree #Adds Money (# = Amount)
partridgeEveryone is Happy
spawn [name]Spawn Item (See List Below)

(supplied by: flerndip)

Spawn Cheats
Every special sim can be spawned via the console.

Some examples:

spawn SC5 master
spawn SC5 policeman
spawn SC5 zombie
spawn SC5 rockstar
spawn SC5 artist

You can find the names of all the special sims or "figures" in the following directory:

\Electronic Arts\SimCity™ Societies\Data\XMLDb\Game\Objects\Figures

Note: A building (any building) must be selected in order for this command to work.
(supplied by: flerndip)


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