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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Nintendo Wii

Temple Boss - Diababa:
Part I
The boss battle begins with two plant tentacles attacking you - stand near the back wall to avoid their attack. On both sides of them are spider-bombs. Lock onto one of them with your boomerang, then lock onto one of the tentacles and throw your weapon. It will pick up the bomb and then go straight to the tentacle destroying it in the process. Do this again this for the 2nd one as well.

Part II
After both tentacles are destroyed, the boss's real form will be shown. Throw your boomerang towards him to start a little cut-scene. It turns out the baboon that you beat a short while back wants to help you! He will swing back and forth carrying a bomb between his feet. Use your boomerang to lock onto the baboon first, then the main part of the boss, and let it go. Like with the tentacles, it takes the bomb towards the boss where it will then explode. After, the boss's head will fall down to the ground - slash it with your sword at the eye when the eye's sticking out. When he runs away, he will fire a poisonous liquid at you. Stand back against the back wall to dodge it. After, repeat the above process to beat him. You will then be awarded with a Fused Shadow and a full Heart Container.
(supplied by: Elimon218)

Rescue the Sunken Goron:
In order to find this Easter Egg (randomly placed event), you will need the following items:

Zora Armor
Water Bombs
Iron Boots

After using the rock at Death Mountain to smash the ice in the Zora's Domain, head to the center of the pool in the throne room and equip the Iron Boots, Zora Armor and Water Bombs. At the bottom of the pool, you will notice that there is a sort of spiral track going up the side of the rock. Carefully climb up it and place a water bomb at the small ledge near the top. You will notice a set of blinking purple lights inside the rock. Jump off of the rock before the bomb goes off (to avoid damage) and when it does, a Goron will pop out with an interesting story of how he got there.
(supplied by: bes4360)


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