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Kingdom Hearts 2
PlayStation 2
Unlimited Drive:
If you go to the Underworld and enter in one of the games, then quit immediately, you will come out of the game with a full drive gauge.

Also, if you go to the world map while currently in a form, you will land with a full drive gauge as well.

Great tip for leveling up your forms.
(supplied by: darkish_raven)

You may have noticed this, but I think it's cool. Some names were recycled to make the names of 3 of the characters. There may be more!
Roxas: Switch "s" and "r", switch "r" and "a", remove "x"
Soxar -> Soxra -> Sora

Xemnas: Move "a" to 1st slot, "n" to 2nd, "s" to 3rd, take out "x"
Axemns -> Anxems -> Ansxem -> Ansem

Yin Sed: swap "d" & "y", then "n" & "s", remove space Din Sey -> Dis Ney -> Disney
(supplied by: revenge619)


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