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Super Paper Mario
Nintendo Wii
The easyest way I find to beat the sammer guys kingdom is to use Bowser and the pikl Carrie or the pikl Dashell (if you have him). (Carrie/Dashell are a way of transport for bowser after you win) First when you have bowser out, the first thing you do is breath fire right when the battle starts, this will make the sammer guy back up and then you be lucky to hit him, Next when he's backed up, you have to run to the door were you first came in (not all the way or you cant do the next thing). Then when he comes to the bottom stair breath fire at him because he get stuck on the stair.
(supplied by: KoopaForLife)

In-game stats list:
Here is an in-game-stat list without pausing the game. First go to flipside (make sure you have the 3-d flip thing) go to the left of Merlins house, flip to 3-d and read the sign next to Merlins house. It will have some stats on it (special jumps etc.)
(supplied by: smatt3000)


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