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Pokemon Diamond
Nintendo DS
Pokemon and Item Cloning:

Select the pokemon that you want to clone. Give it any items needed too. Put it in any of your boxes. Now, go to the GTS. Talk to the lady and enter. Put up a pokemon for trade (NOTE: Try this with a low-level pokemon who doesn't have an important item first). When it takes you to the loading screen, watch the little clock on the bottom-right part of the screen. Count how many times it hits the top, and note where it was when the pokemon was uploaded. Go back to the summary screen, and take out the pokemon. Once again, watch the clock. Most people's clock stops moving between 7.5 and 8 rotations.

Now, put the pokemon that you want to duplicate up for trade. Right before the clock gets to the interval where it changes, turn off the DS. Turn it back on, and load the game. You will probably get the error screen, but don't worry. Continue to load the game, and go back to the GTS. If you performed the glitch correctly, the pokemon will still be up for trade. Take it back, and leave. Now, go to the PC to the left of the counter. Load it up, and check your boxes. If you performed the glitch right, you will have duplicates of the pokemon (and possibly item) that you tried to clone.

If you didn't get it, try, try again. It took me about 13 times to get it. Just keep trying.

NOTE: This glitch is very risky. Several GameFAQs members have reported it to screw up their game. Several other members reported their pokemon being traded before they could get back to it. Though the number is very small (about 3/100 people), it still is a risk. Don't say you haven't been warned. To prevent the second problem from happening, request an evolved pokemon that is level 9 or lower (eg. Infernape).
(supplied by: forty-two)

Catching Cresselia:
After you beat the elite four, go to Canalave City and go in the house with a sign next to it. Talk to the boy in the bed, then talk to the woman. After you talk to the boy and woman exit the house and talk to the sailor that sails you to Iron island. He will ask you to go to Full Moon Island to get a wing to heal his son. Say yes to him. He will sail you there. Now walk up and to the left is the wing to heal his son get it. Dont leave yet, go to the right and then go up you will then see Cresselia go up to it and it runs away like Mesprit. Now go talk to the sailor and sail back to Canalave. When you get back you will follow him into his house and use the wing on his son. His son will then wake up and talk about a nightmare. You can now resume your adventure and look for Cresselia. You are going to need the pokemon marketing app to find Cresselia.
(supplied by: wwewwewwe)

Good Fishing rod:
The good rod is on route 209. Talk to a fisherman, say yes and he will give you a good rod.
(supplied by: connor.harbuck)

Mystery Gift:
This is how to obtain the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Diamond. It is different from the previous games, so pay attention.

1) Go to the Jubilife TV station, located in Jubilife City.
2) Go to the 3rd floor.
3) Talk to the man on the left in the lower room.
4) When he asks you to tell him some words, you tell himll him are "everyone" and "happy".
5) He will then ask you for a second set of words. Tell him "Wi-Fi" and "Connection". This will then unlock the Mystery Gift feature on the main menu.

When you go into it you can recieve your gift 3 ways:
-Wi-fi While you won't get a gift from this cheat, just get the option to receive it, but when Pokemon/Gamefreak announces when the mystery event will be, go to "Wi-Fi" and ,if you are lucky, you might receive a mystery gift. This can include rare items, such as the ones needed to get to Arceus, Darkrai, and Shaymin.
(supplied by: Ho-Oh2224)

Fashion item:
When you are walking your pokemon in Amity Square, you can turn around and talk to your pokemon. Every 200 steps talk to your pokemon and it will be holding an item or an item for your fashion case.
(supplied by: #Pokepal#)

Old Pokemons
When you have another Pokemon game cartridge inserted into the GBA slot of your Nintendo DS, new Pokemon will appear AFTER YOU HAVE OBTAINED THE NATIONAL DEX. Below are the games that you can plug in, what Pokemon you will get, and where they will be. When you take the cartridge out, those unique Pokemon will disappear. These Pokemon appear in the wild and you must use the Pokeradar to find.

Seedot Eterna Forest, Route 203, Route 204 Nuzleaf Route 229 Mawile Iron Island Zangoose Route 208 Solrock Lake Acuity, Lake Acuity Surroundings, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronret, Spring Path, Turnback Cave

Lotad Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South Lombre Route 212 South, 229 Sableye Iron Island Seviper Route 208 Lunatone Lake Acuity, Lake Acuity Surroundings, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, Spring Path, Turnback Cave

Pineco Eterna Forest, Route 203, 204, 229 Gligar Hard Mountain, Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227 Shuckle Route 224 Teddiursa Route 211, Lake Valor Ursaring Lake Valor, Route 216, 217

Caterpie Route 204 South, Metapod Eterna Forest, Ekans Route 212 South, Arbok Great Marsh, Growlithe Route 201, 202, Elekid Route 204 South, Valley Windworks

Weedle Route 204 South, Kakuna Eterna Forest, Sandshrew Lost Cave, Sandslash Route 228, Vulpix Route 209, Magby Hard Mountain, Route 227

Any Pokemon GBA Cartridge
Haunter Eterna Forest Mansion, Gengar Eterna Forest Mansion Room with eyes
(supplied by: Ho-Oh2224)

AR code:
This Action Replay code will give you Ho-oh and other pokemon on your party and will take all the pokemon party.

94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
e0000304 000000ec
e89de89f 03e20000
a5e362ce 67d33b19
7fa5774e 835854d1
5b540521 2687b708
846adc54 6e0869b9
fafdf703 47bdae4e
70065af8 fb2a5d8c
a3582893 4b351fb8
b6c9b475 86158ce8
b3db185c b8a363d9
a5b880af 9babf2eb
f75468a1 f44f4b86
45796235 620e7d8a
95ddce07 3eeb46a8
99f16265 d9906463
51f34f6b 3d90e222
a9c8f9bc e81cace8
02d07216 404fd68f
c415a64f 541cdb31
497c891f 7c4a2923
d4c1dc5f 74ebe0fa
f8f4237c e9baa13c
7c6bc4c1 eb261349
65f8fad8 a0b16277
a95f5a8f cc7a017e
2702f0de f4176216
f2de3d28 42a882de
16ba8bc1 7828777f
439c74b0 7a064f11
267f82b5 00000000
e00003f0 000000ec
1d031d05 a70b0000
5953317c 2e155b3b
baa687a5 10f23dc7
48ef343c 3697356f
a9531615 e6a130e0
ba0c686e ea0e3911
452068a3 04a8c956
3c190996 9628645e
0f31387f 278470d3
2230f743 eb0c6bc5
59d927f2 1086d7bd
6ed62d9e 397dafb5
af1ad1e0 7398b119
b7326704 066d9874
f42005ed 523df632
b01f4d79 00c76c08
ef8ff0af 1109f070
d6640409 fecdca48
38512fea f35e4c26
72704575 9dced665
a288fd53 bf72ecde
e515285d d2de7260
5f4fa9a4 ac8da0eb
146763c7 e209cada
4cf1cc1c e7e52823
a7fb038b 1af033dd
296199b9 28a75e03
d95f5e68 8aea1577
c967e51c 0af36e49
92349f02 00000000
e00004dc 000000ec
44fd44f9 6c7d0000
8cd5c694 29bc1b04
29e3c51f e23094b6
9817b859 24197721
bf94a464 8e7e976b
b1f1457a 29e41e7a
1b3b1849 63605b8d
f6d56c4f 67c961e9
61521387 83506378
5cf532ba cbeb3069
c188a68e b394cf38
1e1685b4 98a847c9
e21c2729 c5eb26b1
e3adc632 f66672b5
200b59ec 322fc9f5
5fc30cb7 6029ed12
b5b1ddd6 85047569
e86f1c70 8739458c
90302d2c cd0c30d6
dcd546db c1c9a604
63bb4592 94d0a531
16dba213 cc42b286
1be11626 9599b478
032dae98 90139cda
645b1f92 41ea625f
389183b1 acc80e5d
8619e976 b57ae2d3
312e52e0 52e3dcad
061a0b57 b8321645
508077cb 00000000
e00005c8 000000ec
fbf4fbf7 09b60000
00bcbb73 a57416a7
23e9dd16 9f1384fa
d355dd7e ebdb29de
ee2cd272 c110fbb6
06884332 bb4925c1
ec5d6f25 029ad9bd
9a8c1724 e9a9724f
44bc9d62 aea4c011
35c0c850 bfb9dd30
73ec8728 9c88170e
e1402170 b6fa1416
90c800a4 257700b7
ddd9283b 9d532f5a
e715dc82 ea1cb7a1
ed12a75c 3f31086a
1acf1a57 a2809ee3
40da841e ff0be779
524db162 87a9c012
e1a0aaf9 1e1d2926
c0410e28 01bab5d8
bb9ffc3c 2994c7e3
f71ba574 9254d641
8a772442 9d85d81d
57ffe233 9aadb5ba
4db90d76 cda1e392
85dae29e 86158bc2
fa7ccea6 1c72e9a4
c08ead35 e7ecbbbd
fe0ba723 00000000
e00006b4 000000ec
03c903c9 a2250000
f119fef8 b49f7769
9233cf2b b97cbe60
4de67722 1eaacc88
49486373 51eb11cd
59cfaf9f a8005107
a33f3c7c 340ad510
c67e9dcf 380acdf1
f1b1b274 63cc3921
cd847d90 713272c1
90d45244 9bf2d219
fdf852e5 cc9c8123
4f35ea6c 0ab9004f
577a88d7 cd227419
22370a93 cae6bb68
8ee8c666 c0b97745
7b9ede20 0b06e3d2
1a69d234 1f1bf74f
cd9be21a caec6a3f
d6916d6f fe0087ad
3037d46e 23b19893
9e1d6884 c26a3109
2cf133e2 7d904d07
5d49af41 5c1f4af0
05445040 8ade4618
3fe01188 0dd39585
fd885930 14f972fa
09f1e163 e8300e30
9b26873f 9e759066
bde02400 00000000
d2000000 00000000
(supplied by: pokemon_g67)

Easter Egg-Haunted Mansion's Ghost Gang:
Ever wanted to own a Gengar even you have no friends to trade with you a Haunter? Now you can directly catch one or even a Rotom (Ghost/Electric Type)! Just follow these steps. 1.Go to the Old Chatue between 22:00-04:00.If you cannot play during this time slot, change the time settings of your DS. 2.Put a GBA Pokemon Game(Any versions) in the 2nd slot and go inside. (For Gengar go to Step 3, For Rotom go to Step 4 ) 3. After making sure there is a GBA Pokemon Game in your slot 2, you may capture Gengar in the room with red eyes potrait. Huanter may appear there too. 4. Go to the room with the TV and talk to it. Press yes and a Rotom will appear and battle you. It's only Lv15, and there's only 1 in the world game, so be sure to save before you talk to the TV.
(supplied by: PokeFan5B)

How to catch Regigigas:
First, you need to have the national pokedex, this is obtained by seeing (not catching) all 150 sinnoh pokedex pokemon. Second, you must have access to snowpoint temple in snowpoint city (if you have the national pokedex, this shouldn't be a problem). And third, you need to have regice, registeel, and regirock, which can only be obtained through pal park from the ruby/sapphire/emerald games or by using a cheating device. If you have met all these conditions (make sure to have regice, registeel and regirock in your party), then navigate the snowpoint temple (just a sliding puzzle with ice, a pokemon staple) and regigigas will be waiting for you at the bottom floor. He will be at level 70, and he will have the ability "slow start" (his atk. and speed are cut in half for 5 turns). Make sure to hit him hard and fast before the five turns are up. Try to paralyze regigigas and catch him with an ultra ball, you'll want to save your master ball for another pokemon that runs, like mespirit or cresslia.
(supplied by: Latiosmaster47)

Clone Pokemon:
To clone pokemon without wi-fi put a ditto in the daycare and send the pokemon you wanna clone to the day care too. (it works on all pokemon with GENDERS except legendaries) even if the pokemon dont like each other they'll still lay an egg. What ever pokemon you put in the day care with ditto the unevolved form (or the same pokemon) will hatch from the egg.
(supplied by: wolverine9900)

Get Lucario:
Fly to Canalave city and sail to iron island. Go through the cave and on your first time you will team up with Riley. Battle some people and team galactic and after he will give you an egg. in the egg will be Riolu. Get Riolu on a high friendship and level up between 4am and 8pm and you will have lucario.
(supplied by: hobo7117)

How to catch cresselia/mesprit:
If you have cresselia and mesprit running around sinnoh, this is for you. First, migrate wobblefett from leaf green, fire red, ruby, saphire, or emerald. Next go to tunback cave and catch brongzong. Then find either mesprit or cresselia. Have wobblefett out first no matter what level. His ability should hold the pokemon in battle. Weaken the opposing pokemon. Switch wobblefett with brongzong. Use block. Bronzong should know it. Then use an ultra ball. It should catch it. If it doesn't, keep trying. Make sure it's health is low. Then capture it.
(supplied by: omega110)

Shiny Pokemon (Action Replay):
94000365 fcff0000
20068800 ab4d3712
00000000 00000001
53451312 334ccbca
d2000000 00000000
(supplied by: bamfan93)

The fossils that can be extracted into pokemon are:
Helix Fossil(Omanyte)
Claw Fossil(Anorith)
Old Amber(Aerodactyl)
Dome Fossil(Kabuto)
Skull Fossil(Cranidos)
Armor Fossil(Shieldon)
(supplied by: lugialv3005)


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