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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006
PlayStation 2
John Cena belt:
If you have John Cena as the WWE Champion during a Royal Rumble,and his entrance is 1 of the first 2, he will have the Undisputed WWE Championship rather than his Spinner Belt.
(supplied by: major)

Get outside ring in cagefight:
If you let your opponent get to the very top of the cage in a cage match, when he nearly has 1 foot over bring him down and you will be outside of the ring!
(supplied by: speedemon9)

How to get trophys:
To get the RAW trophy beat RAW's Season Mode once.
To get the SMACKDOWN! trophy beat SMACKDOWN!'s Season Mode once.
To get the 100 WINS trophy win 100 matches.
To get the AMATEUR CHALLENGES trophy successfully complete all Amateur Challenges.
To get the BAR ROOM BRAWL trophy win the Bar Room Brawl in season mode.
To get the COLLECT-A-DIVA trophy win Trish's contract (on RAW) and Torrie's contract (on SmackDown!) in Season Mode.
To get the ELIMINATION CHAMBER trophy win an Elimination Chamber match on the Legend difficulty setting and eliminate all five superstars. (Which means be number one in the Chamber)
To get the GENERAL MANAGER trophy successfully complete GM mode with a higher rating than SmackDown! or RAW.
To get the LEGEND KILLER trophy win the Legend Battle Royal in Season Mode.
To get the MATCH VETERAN trophy play in every match type in Exhibition Mode.
To get the RISING STAR trophy successfully complete all Rising Star challenges.
To get the ROYAL RUMBLE trophy win the Royal Rumble match in Season Mode.
To get the TOUGH ENOUGH trophy win ten matches with a Created Wrestler.
To get the UNDERTAKER's URN trophy defeat The Undertaker in the Buried Alive match in Season Mode.
To get the WWE CHALLENGE trophy successfully complete all of the set Challenges.
To get the WWE LEGEND trophy successfully complete all WWE Legend Challenges.
To get the WWE SUPERSTAR trophy successfully complete all WWE Superstar Challenges.
(supplied by: The_Golden_1)

Get lots of exp points:
Create a CAW that is a super heavyweight and raise his attributes as high as you can by playing in season mode. Then go to the CAW menu and make a copy of him. Go into the copied wrestler's profile and change his weight to DIVA weight and exit. Exit CAW by going to continue but don't save. All the experience points from the copied wrestler will disappear and be placed back in your experience pool. You'll get a ton of experience points and can do it over and over! (CAW = create a wrestler)
(supplied by: revenge619)


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