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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Game Boy Color
Lot's of points:
To get lots of points, go through world 1-1 in the Super Players Bracket thing and then in world 1-2 go to the steps and jump into the middle where the black thing is. Hit the invisible coin thing. Careful not to get killed! Go up the beanstalk and go to the place in world 3-1 cross the monkeys place and then go on to the shelf thing with the 7 coin things and then jump over the flying red bird and go through the tube with the plant in it. Go through that place and go to the warp zone right in front of it after you get out. You will then start over at world 1-1 and you can have extra points and you can evolve your charactor up.

On world 1-2 you can get glitched colors if you get to the place where the blue thing is and get on the beanstalk and get to the very top before it hits the top of the screen and it will look like the person is in two different places.

Extra Lives:
To get extra lives, go to the Super Players thing,and in world 1-1 keep going until you get to the place with three levels of bricks. Get on the top one and go until you get to the red bird. HIt it on the head and hit it to the right and after it hits all the green birds start running after it but keep it in sight, otherwise it won't work. It will knock all the birds and stuff down and then it will bounce back. You will here kind of a doorbell sound and you will get two extra lives! You can also do this by collecting 100 coins but you will only get 1 life.

Get past bomb throwing monkeys:
To get past those annoying little monkeys, just run at them and they will jump, allowing you to run underneath them.

Warp Zone:
On any level where you are in a cave, do the following:
1) you must find a way onto the top of the screen, where you will be mixed with the score and coins
2) stay up on top, if you fall, find a way back
3) go right over the pipe to leave, and keep going untill you hit level warp zone.
(supplied by: sasakalord101)


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