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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Type any of the following cheat codes while playing.
(supplied by: Bastard_Boy)

/cheat resource X Y #
Add resources. X=Player, Y=Resource, #=Amount.
Example: /cheat resource red wealth +1000

/cheat reveal
Reveal Map.

/cheat victory
Win Mission.

/cheat (ally/peace/war) X
Force peace, alliance or war with another player. X=Player.
Example: /cheat war red

/cheat mapgen
Generate a random map.

/cheat dominance X Y
Gives desired dominance. X=Which dominance. Y=Player.
Example: /cheat dominance army red

/cheat mana X #
Gives mana. X=Hero name. Y=Amount.
Example: /cheat mana sawu +1000

/cheat finish
Select the building that you want to finish constructing and then type the cheat. If you want to finish a unit faster, click the building the unit is being constructed in.

/cheat explore (normal/explored/all)
Change explore configuation.
Example: /cheat explore all

/cheat tech X tech on|off
Research all tech.
Example: /cheat tech red tech on

/cheat safe
Adds a few Juggernauts and Air Destroyers around your capital.

/cheat add (name)
Add items, units, buildings to the game.
Example: /cheat add moon god

Some things you can use with the /cheat add command:
Giant Glass Spider
Glass Scorpion
Moon God
Mega Glass Golem
False Idol

Savegame Cheat
Save the game in the Strategic map and then open the savegame, which is stored in your My Documents\Rise Of Legends\[Profile name]\Saves folder. Open it with Notepad. Then search for the second string called "ORIGINAL_CTW_STATE" It should be about half-way down the file.

There you'll see this:

[INT id="invention"]
[INT id="wealth"]
[INT id="entourage"]
[INT id="army"]

The "xx" will be whatever your strategic resources are at. Simply alter them to whatever you feel like, then save and reload your save game. Note: Entourage is your character's XP level.

WARNING: Always make a backup before modifying your saved game files.


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