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Driver: Parallel Lines
Cheat mode:
Select "Settings" at the map screen, then choose the "Cheats" option to enter one of the following codes.

Enter IRONMAN as a code

Weaker police cars:
Enter KEYSTONE as a code.

Indestructible cars:
Enter ROLLBAR as a code.

All vehicles:
Enter CARSHOW as a code.

Free garage:
Enter TOOLEDUP as a code.

Infinite nitro:
Enter ZOOMZOOM as a code.

All weapons in era:
Enter GUNRANGE as a code.

Infinite ammo:
Enter GUNBELT as a code.

Body Snatcher mode:
Reach 666 miles on your odometer. Melee attack a pedestrian to play as him or her.

Far Out mode:
Reach 900 miles on your odometer. This mode enables a psychedelic effect.

Night Night mode:
Reach 700 miles on your odometer. This mode makes it night always.

Shortest Day mode:
Reach 800 miles on your odometer. This mode makes a day last only 24 seconds.


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