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Backyard Skateboarding 2006: Game of the Year Edition
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Start the game. Load a Tour Profile. Select a Level. Select "Start Game". After the "Loading" screen disappears, you will see a "flyby" of the level layout. While this flyby is happening, type the word(s) of the Code(s) you want to use and realize that there is no need to hit the ENTER key at the end either. When the level starts, your codes will take effect. The cheat effects only last during the current level. If you quit the level or complete it, the codes are disable unless you re-enter them at the next level.

HOPHIUnlimited Mega Ollie Power-Ups
SLOMOUnlimited Slo-Mo
DIZZYDOuble Speed Spins
GETALLActivate ALL Cheats


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