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Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
PC Games
Cheat Codes
From the Main Menu, select Load Game > (Load Any Profile) > Options > Codes. Enter any of the following cheat codes using the arrow keys or gamepad. Enter the code again to disable.

Note: The status of every cheat code is saved to your profile. So if you quit the game and then reload it, all of your previously enabled cheats will remain active (until you manually disable them by entering them again in the Codes menu). All content that was unlocked by a cheat code will be re-locked if you disable that cheat, unless you have already unlocked that content by natural means (like playing the levels without cheating).

NINESIXUnlock All Legends
GRANDMACELIAUnlock All iPod Songs
FLIPTHESCRIPTActivate Infinite Skillz
MARCUSECKOSActivate Infinite Health
BABYLONTRUSTMax Out Health Meter
STATEYOURNAMEUnlock All Beat Down Characters
WORKBITCHESUnlock All Beat Down Arenas
SHARDSOFGLASSUnlock All Black Book Graffiti
DOGTAGSUnlock All Combat Upgrades
SIRULLYUnlock All Concept Art
IPULATORUnlock All Levels


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