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Empire Earth 2: Art of Supremacy
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheat codes followed by [ENTER].

icheatEnable Cheats
idontcheatDisable Cheats
play godGod Mode
lootIncrease Resources by 10,000
taxesDecrease Resources by 100
punishDamage Selected Unit
convertConvert Selected Unit to Your Side
recharge meRecharge Selected Unit to 100%
winWin Scenario
toggle fogToggle Fog of War
sea monkeysInstant Build
epoch upAdvance to Next Epoch
give techIncrease Tech Points by 50

Show FPS
While playing, press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[SHIFT]+[F].

Show Game Version
While playing press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[SHIFT]+[V].


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