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Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball
Cheat mode:
During single player tournaments, the following options can be turned on or purchased if you have a fully maxed out player at the cost of 25 experience points each: "God Mode", "Slow Motion", and "Extra Team Decals". All of these options are accessed for arcade mode by going into the "My Character" menu selection and pressing White after your player has been maxed out.

If you get first in every tournament you will be able to choose two of the three options. Note: This will not work if you use the "Get to the top of the tournaments" trick to get to the finals of any tournament; you will only be able to choose one of the three options.

Select any pro player in single player mode:
Go to the "My Character" screen, then hold Left Analog-stick Left or Left Analog-stick Right while tapping Y. This will change your character to any pro of your choice. Alternately, hold Left Analog-stick Left and press White. Note: This will not work if your stats are at max.


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