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Blitz: The League
Cheat mode:
Select the "Extras" options at the main menu, then enter one of the following codes.

Two player co-op mode:
Enter CHUWAY as a code.

Stamina disabled:
Enter NOTTIRED as a code.

Ball trailer always on:
Enter ONFIRE as a code.

Beach ball:
Enter BOUNCY as a code.

Double unleash icons:
Enter PIPPED as a code.

Super clash mode:
Enter CLASHY as a code

Super unleash clash mode:
Enter BIGDOGS as a code.

Easy score:
To get an easy sack, take one of youre front line defense guys and put him to the right or left like you are going for the sack. Right when he about to throw press B beacause the QB will be mostly be focusing on the original guy, and somtimes may cause a fumble.
(supplied by: gamefreak117)

If you place a bet in campagin mode you can quit in a game and you won't lose your bet!
(supplied by: element15)


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