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PC Games
Cheat Codes
While playing, press Talk (the default key is "T") then type any of the following codes and press [Enter].

godGod Mode
ammoFull Ammo
armorFull Armor
healthFull Health
gunsAll Weapons
kfaAll Weapons, Full Ammo, Armor
tearsAll Weapons, Unlimited Ammo
gearIncreased Health, Reflexes Boosted
poltergeistGhost Mode
mapholeSkip Level
posPlayer Position
gimmegun pistolGet Pistol
gimmegun dual pistolsGet Dual Pistols
gimmegun submachinegunGet Sub Machinegun
gimmegun shotgunGet Shotgun
gimmegun assault fifleGet Assault Rifle
gimmegun semi-auto rifleGet Semi-Automatic Rifle
gimmegun nail gunGet Nail Gun
gimmegun cannonGet Cannon
gimmegun plasma weaponGet Plasma Weapon
gimmegun missle launcherGet Missle Launcher
gimmegun turretGet Turret
gimmegun frag grenadeGet Frag Grenade
gimmegun proximityGet Trip Bomb
gimmegun remote chargeGet Pipe Bomb
modsUnknown Effect
baddaboomUnknown Effect


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