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Dungeon Siege 2
PC Games
Cheat Codes
While playing, press [ENTER] and type:

+bushsux-oluaowrTeleport (*)
+iraqsux-eszaryzSilver Ring
+luvtana-aeviyaaSilver Ring, Weapon, Garment
+krisrox-lzjlcojLess Chunky
+superchunkyMore Chunky
+quwhbaInstant Kill (*)
+drlifeGod Mode (-)
+movieRecord Movie (-)
+versionShow Version

(*) = Enter cheat again to deactivate.
(-) = Enter [-] in front of code to deactivate.

Note: Some cheats may become deactivated after cutscenes or the use of portals. Re-enter the cheat codes to reactivate.


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