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Final Fantasy Tactics
Duplicate weapon or shield:
1. Equip the item you want to copy on your bottom hand and you shield or weapon in your top hand
2. Go to a shop (doesnt matter what city) and go to the fitting room
3. Click try it on and select a weapon or shield for your top hand thats weaker then the item in your bottom hand (the item you want to copy)
4. Then click best fit and you will be with the items you started with
5. Make sure none of the names on the list are in red or else you did it wrong
6. Click quit fitting and look in your inventory for your extra weapon or shield

9999 Jp:
1. Go to a job list that can scroll down (example: priest, summoner, chemist, ninja, samurai, wizard, time mage)
2. Click on the cheapest move you can afford
3. You should be on the place where it says yes or no
4. Insted of clicking on yes hold square and click down (or up)
5. In the backround you will see that the list has scrolled down
6. Make sure that the arrow in the backround is pointing on a move you cannot afford
7. On the yes or no list the arrow should of changed from yes to no when you scrolled down
8. Now click yes and you should have 0000 jp
9. Go out of the learn job menu and go back on it again
10. Now you should have 9999 jp


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