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Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend
PC Games
Cheat Codes
Press the [SHIFT] and the [@] key or the [~] key (on some systems) to make the console window appear. Then type any of the following codes:

SissyEnable Cheats
set P2Player bGodMode TrueGod Mode On
set P2Player bGodMode FalseGod Mode Off
gunrackAll Weapons
blockmyassBody Armor
splodincatsCats Bounce Off Walls (OFF)
boppincatsCats Bounce Off Walls (ON)
headshotsOne Hit Kills (to the head)
blastacapFull Ammo
limbsnapperHit Enemy in Head
iamtheoneGet Catnip
headshopGet Health Pipes
catfancyGet Spinning Cats
fireinyourholeRocket Cam
rockincatsShoot Cats from Guns (ON)
dockincatsShoot Cats from Guns (OFF)
hulksmashThrow Hammers
bladeyThrow Machetes
reaperofloveThrow Scythes


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