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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
Adegan: damage add 2.
Ankarres sapphire: strength add 2, dexteerity add 1, regeneraton add 2.
Barab ore ingot: damage add 2, -16 fire.
Bondar: stun 25% for 6sec, negates effects of stun.
Damind: attack add 3.
Dragite: constitution add 1, sonic add 1.
Eralam: damage add 2, attack add 2.
Firkrann: damage add 2, -12 vs droids, attack add 2. jenruax: damage add 2, blaster deflection add 5.
Kaiburr: widon add 3, constitution add 3 regeneration add 3.
Kasha: attack add 1, wisdom add 2.
Lorrdian gemstone: defence add 2,blaster bolt defence add 3
Nextor: attack add 1, critical x2.
Opila: damage add 3, critical add 2,-12 damage on critical.
Phond: damage add 1-6.
Pontite: damage add 1, -10 cold, charisma add 2.
Rubat: damage add 1, attack add 1.
Ruusan: wisdom add 1, charisma add 1.
Sapith: damage add 3, attack add 2.
Sigil: damage add 1-6, attack add 1.
Stygium: daxterity add 1, attack add 1, stealth add 4.
Ultima-pearl: damage add 2, attack add 3, big critical 1-6.
Upari: damage add 1-8, attack add 3.
Velmortie: dexterity add 1.
Qixoni: damage add 5, regenrate force points add 1.
Solari: damage add 3, add 1-8 vs dark side, attack add 3.

Infinite Dark Side Points:
When your on Telos, you'll meet two people; Hanna and Doton Het. Hanna wants you to get back his girl friend. Doton Het wants 2000 credits for her. Talk to Hanna after geting the price for the girl. In the cantena talk to Luxa, she'll send her body guards after Het. You need to leave the room and come back later. Talk to Doton Het(theres more than one, the one you want is standing up). Keep talking to get infinite dark side points.
(supplied by: Luke Skywalker)

Fastest Way To Build A Lightsaber:
When you have completed Telos Go to Nar Shadaah. Once there go to the Flophouse halfway along the docks. In the second to last door kill the guy (i think his name is Lootra). For the next piece go to a dealer named Geeda. She has a crystal. Finally if your alignment is about 25% return to the Ebon Hawk for special fight with Visas Marr (she joins your party now) once you have defeated her and got through all the dialogue you will get the last part. Go to Bao-Dur and he will build it for you.
(supplied by: crapface)

Easy exp and money:
A couple of bugs in the game for money and exp. At the start of the game pick any male jedi so you get the handmaiden. When you train with her on the Ebon Hawk tell her to put some clothes on. She puts jedi clothes on. Take them off her in the inventory and repeat the process to sell them or break them down for cash or parts. The next one is on Koriban. In the caves, search the dead jedi's body. The Hissis come, kill them then repeat the process for more exp.
(supplied by: kingkotor)


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