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NBA Live 2005
PlayStation 2
Two times between the legs (50 points everytime):
Hold on to L1 and R1, Circle as the jump, in the air Circle again and hole on to Circle untill the ball touches in hand between the legs and let go, this takes time to make it perfect but after you do you can be unstoppable with it.
(supplied by: MusaPusa)

MJ's Rock the Baby:
Hold on to L1 and then for the jump Square and in the air hold on to Circle for a while. This dunk is best from the middle of the center and right hand three point, when you master this dunk it well give you a 49 or 50 everytime it is used.
(supplied by: MusaPusa)

Throw ball off camera:
Hold D-pad up, then tap right analog stick up

Throw ball off shot clock:
Hold L1+R1, then tap right analog stick at anyway

Throw ball off your head:
In slam dunk contest,slam dunk school(Alley-oop or advanced), or slam dunk showdown Rotate the right analog stick 180

Throw ball off screen:
Hold D-pad left or right, then tap right analog stick up


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