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Star Wars: Republic Commando
PC Games
Cheat Codes
While playing, press ` to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheats:

Note: Some cheats are case-sensitive.

LoadedAll Explosives, Full Ammo, etc.
GhostNo Clipping Mode
FlyFly Mode
TheMatulaakLivesGod Mode
WalkWalk Mode
Invisible 1/0Invisibility (On/Off)
Behindview 1/03rd Person View (On/Off)
FreeCamera 1/03rd Person View (On/Off)
TeleportTeleport to Reticle
HOGMassive Damage to Reticle
FierfekAll Ammo
DarmanSkip Mission
AllWeaponsAll Weapons
DeafEnemies 1/0Enemies Don't Hear You (On/Off)
BlindEnemies 1/0Enemies Don't See You (On/Off)
DeafAI 1/0Deaf AI (On/Off)
BlindAI 1/0Blind AI (On/Off)
SmiteEvilDestroy All Enemies in Radius
KillPawnsKill Squad Mates
Slomo #Set Slow Motion
SetJumpz #Set Jump Force
SetGravity #Set Gravity
SetSpeed #Set Speed
FreezeFrame #FreezeFrame (After # secs)
Changesize #Scale Player's Size
Stat FPSShow FPS
Stat GameShow Game Stats
ViewBotCycle Through Bots
ViewSelfReset Camera to Player
LockCameraLock Camera


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