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Legendary Weapons and Locations:
1. The Harbringer: near Temple of Avo Strength. Stats must be maxed out.
2. Cutlass Blutetane: Greatwoods Cave demon door.
3. Ronok the ax: Grey house demon door.
4. Dollmasters mace: abandonroad demon door.
5. Wellows Pichammer: greatwood gorge demon door.
6. Murren Greahammer: in 20 key chest at heroesguild.
7. Murren Great ax: 15 key chest at hook coast.
8. Solus Greatsword: buy in north bowerstone.
9. The Sentus: donate enough money to temple of avo.
10. Skorms Bow: sacrafice enough to chapel of skorm.
11. Arkens crossbow: 15 key chest at darkwood marshes.
12. Frying pan: hidden at orchard farm(read clues 1-6).
13. Katana Hyru: 16 chest key in lady greys bedroom.
14. Sword of Aeons: kill jack of blades and sister (strongest melee weapon in the game).
(supplied by: Ryio The Game Master)

A real easy way to get a high combat multiplyer and hella exp. Go to Lady grey's house (just west of barrow fields). To get the "exp dispenser" you need to do the traders quest. Go into lady greys house and kill the undead that rise up after the cutscene. Now go outside and underground. Get the scrawled parchment and other misc. that is down there. Leave. You'll notice that the undead are all over the area. Kill the medium sizes undead all around. Then get the two biggest undead into one area. I find it easiest for the lake on the right or small pond. For this to work make the two big undead guys summon they have to be close enough to each other to summon because undead need to be around for these guys to summon more. Then as 4 little guys pop up from each of these guys use your enflame skill to kill them over and over again. With 167 will potions i completely maxed out my character and got my combat multiplyer up to 150. This all being before defeating twinblade.
(supplied by: instilledmind)

When you first enter Knothole Glade on the White Balverine mission you will see that the shops " Weapons , Tattos , and Items " will have all their items out but there will be no owner standing at the shop.If you have the "steal" expression you can steal all the items from each shop without being caught or charged.
(supplied by: danaanP)

Fast XP:
When you beat the trader escort quest go to maze but dont talk to him beat him up! Go to him and hit, hit, hit! I got up to 30,000 xp in 10 min!
(supplied by: jnebobne)

Beating Twinblade:
To beat Twinblade I usually get the mace thing in the area before Twinblade (The mace is leaning aginst a tent) then put it away. Then wait until he hits the ground with his swords (so he gets stuck) then assassin rush behind him, pull out the mace and keep attacking. Just keep repeating this and it will be easy.
(supplied by: RileytheRiper)

Instantly kill White Balverines:
When you first get to Bowerstone South at the beginning of the game, keep winning the card game until you can buy a Master Longsword from the Guild. After you have accomplished this, work your way to The White Balverine main quest. Continue on until you get the Silver Augmentation. Hero Save and load it. Repeat this until you get 3 Silver Augmentations. Equip them all to the Master Longsword. Now it only takes one hit to kill a White Balverine.
(supplied by: sanddhoranfam)


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