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Getaway, The - Black Monday
PlayStation 2
Double Health:
At the intro screen (before the main menu appears), press Up, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right, Circle, Circle, Down.

Unlimited ammunition:
At the intro screen (before the main menu appears), press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.
(supplied by: Brad93)

Assault Vehicle:
Start with Yuri in Free Rome, Exit lot and go to the left, turn right at first opportunity, now you should be heading towards a reddish/ pinkish building at end of street turn right, follow until first traffic light, now make a sharp left almost a U turn. Now immediately after you make a right you now should be alongside a turquoise & white building on the right at the end of this building is the Assult Vehicle.
(supplied by: -JamesBond-)

Ice Cream Type Truck:
(Look at map to figure) By looking at left most and southern most bridge on map count 3 bridges start on bridge facing glass building on Southwark & Lambeth side of bridge. Go the short way by going to the right of building under Red & White bridge now make the first left, after the left it should be on the left in the open.
(supplied by: -JamesBond-)

Rally Car:
Start with Zara Go strait and turn off, once the medean is gone the Rally car should be on the right.
(supplied by: -JamesBond-)


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