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Godzilla: Save the Earth
Cheat menu:
At the main menu, press and hold L, B, R in that order then let go of B, R, L in that order. Then enter the following cheat codes.

246518Master code
659996Unlock All Cities
525955Unlock All Monsters
975013Unlock Challenges
122574Energy doesn't regenerate
532459Get 100,000 Points
667596Get 150,000 Points
750330Get 200,000 Points
536117Health Regenerates
812304Buildings are indestructible
259565Player 1 deals 4x damage
819342Player 1 has Infinite Energy
531470Player 1 is Invisible
338592Player 1 is Invulnerable
927281Player 2 deals 4x damage
324511Player 2 has Infinite Energy
118699Player 2 is Invisible
259333Player 2 is Invulnerable
500494Player 3 deals 4x damage
651417Player 3 has Infinite Energy
507215Player 3 is Invisible
953598Player 3 is Invulnerable
988551Player 4 deals 4x damage
456719Player 4 has Infinite Energy
198690Player 4 is Invisible
485542Player 4 is Invulnerable
294206Unlock Gallery 1
409014Unlock Gallery 2


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