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Urbz, The - Sims in the City
PlayStation 2
Unlock Cheat Gnome:
Press Circle, L1, L2, R2, R1.

Max Physical Skill:
Press L1, R1, Down, X, L3.

Max Mental Skill:
Press L1, R1, X, Circle, Up.

Max Artistic Skill:
Press L3, R3, R1, R2, Circle.

Acquire Skill:
Press L1, R2, Right, Square, L3.

Power Social:
Press Triangle, R2, L1, X, Square.

Team Photo:
Press Up, Down, Circle, Up, Down at the Credits screen.

Easy Money:
During the game you will be able to have 8 jobs. Here is a good schedule to make good money: (unlock Hoops, the Motorcross Mayhem game, Comedian game and the Doctor Max game)

1.)Hoops, starts at 5:00a.m. - after go to
2.)Doctor Max - after go to
3.)Motorcross Mayhem - then go to

After you done this you have lots of money you earn lots more money when you have a level 3 or higher on all 4 games.
(supplied by: skater247)


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