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Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
PlayStation 2
Unlock Dan Character Skin:
In Edit Profile, hold L2 and enter Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left.

Unlock Nefarious Character Skin:
In Edit Profile, hold L2 and enter Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, Up, Left, Up.

Duel Blade Laser Sword:
Pause the game and enter Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Left.

Show Squat Count:
Highlight the Stats option at the Main Menu, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. Your stats screen in multiplayer will now show how many times you have squatted on an opponent.

Extra Weapons:
If you have a saved game from Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando on your memory card, you will have access to the Lava Gun, Bouncer, and Holoshield for purchase.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves Demo:
At the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

Fast Insomniac Museum:
Save Your game at Metropolis. Reset and change the time of your PS2 to 3 AM. Load your game, enter the building on right. Turn left through the big window, jump across to the next room. Turn left and through the window is a teleporter it says Out of order come back another time. It will teleport you to the museum.
(supplied by: venom77)

More sewer crystals:
As you know getting sewer crystals is one of the hardest missions of all but to get all of them you will need the GRAVITY BOOTS. To get to some of them go all the way to one side of the sewers and look for the RED-COLORED pipes and you'll have more sewer crystals in your hands. HINT: use the map.
(supplied by: treir)

Easy bolts:
To get easy bolts go to inialation nation and select a one weapon fight and go into it. Once your in don't use any of your ammo and dodge all the enemies attacks. You will see that the enemies will actually hit each other. Keep dodging the attacks until there is one person left and hit him until he dies. Just keep doing that until you win. NOTE: this is pretty hard to do so have at least 50 or more health before doing this.
(supplied by: treir)

Easy bolts:
An easy way to get bolts is to go to planet Koros and destroy the tables unbrellas and chairs( stuff simular or around the tables). You will get about 2000 to 5000 bolts for destroying the tables and if you destroy all of the tables and chairs you can get a SKILL POINT. I have made over 7000000 bolts by doing that (even though it took alot of my time it was worth it).
(supplied by: sowsell_lori)

Create your Own Special Effects/Hacker Puzzle:
First to ceate Specail Effects walk around the Insomniac museum until you find a blue blob in the center of a room near the edge, Read the help message. Now for the Hacker Puzzle Creator. Go to The Hard Hacker Puzzles (the ones you get bolts for)Face the Hacker puzzles and then behind the wall is the Hacker Creater!
(supplied by: eeriet)


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