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Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone
Director's Daughter Gets a Cameo
During the sorting hat scene all the major characters are sorted, starting with Hermione. After her, a long hair red headed girl named Susan Bones is called forward. Susan Bones is played by Eleanor Columbus, daughter of Chris Columbus (Director).

Trophies for the Crew
Go to the scene where Harry first rides his broomstick. As Harry, Ron and Hermione approach the trophy case to see Harry's father's trophy, you can read names on two other awards. On the right is a trophy awarded to M. G. McGonagall. To the left however is a trophy with the name R.J.H. King on it. This is a secret nod to one of the film's supervising art directors, John (J.) King, and one of the set designers, Rosie Hardwick (the R.and H.).


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