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Nemesis of the Roman Empire
Cheat Codes
Press [ENTER] while playing then type any of the following codes:

removedecorsRemove Decorations
screenshotSave Screenshot
saveSave Game
spawn #Spawn # Units
setplayerSwitch Player in MP
testadventureTest Adventure Integrity
togglefogFog of War On/Off
togglevisToggle Decorations
_blackBlack Screen
debugselectedDebug Selected Unit
usrDescribe Selected Unit
gaikafdDisplay Tiles
printmestatsMemory Stats
mouseposDisplay Mouse Position
gmpPointer Coordinates
dumpobjShow Selected Unit's Abilities
desyncDump File desync_test.txt
dumpfunctoxmlDump File dump_try.xml
quitExit Game
flatterrainFlat Terrain
pausePause Game
ttestTranslation Test
aeLevel Properties
advexplorerBuilt in MYTH Option
_dbgselDisplay Danger
esgInfo on Enemy Squads
settlementcountShow Settlement Count
explorerExplorer MYTH Functions
shrinkentitiesShrink MYTH Functions
_toggleinvrectsShow Rects
showflatterrainStrange Terrain


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