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Pokemon Stadium 2
Nintendo 64
Use Celebi in Prime Cup Round 2:
Beat all of the balls (poke ball, great ball, ultra ball and master ball) in Prime cup in Round 1. The beat all of the other tournaments and beat the gym leader castle completly. Then beat the battle with your Rival. Round 2 will be unlocked. Go to the stadium and when in the Prime Cup, you can select Celebi from the bottom of the Pokemon list.

Want to pass a certain Hidden Power type onto another pokemon? How about max stats? Want unlimited shiny pokemon?

1 - Raise a pokemon to level 100. No rare candies. No switching. You might want to fight a few hundred Unowns to fill out your stat exp to make sure at level 100 that pokemon is at it's max potential for whatever DVs it's got (DVs are invisible stats ranging from 0 to 15. Each stat has a DV. Simply put, the lower the DV, the lower the max stat at level 100. The higher, the better. This is the factor explaining why two different pokemon caught in the wild with the same level have different stats.)

2 - I hope you didn't sell or trade in your N64 - you *NEED* Pokemon Stadium 2 and Pokemon Gold or Silver in the transfer pak. Make sure in the game pak for G/S that box 7 is empty.

3 - Through the Gameboy Tower, put the lv100 pokemon into BOX 7. No exit the PC and save. Leave the GB mode and go to Oak's Lab. Open the list of pokemon in your party and in box 7. Open the menu on the pokemon in box 7 and move it into your party. Exit and save.

4 - Go back into GB-mode and put the pokemon you want to benefit into box 7, followed by any other pokemon in your party. Now, switch to another box, but while it says 'saving' hit reset on the N64 around 'sav' or 'savi'

5 - Go back to GB-mode and withdraw the pokemon. It will have the name, DVs, hidden power, original trainer and stat exp of the level 100 pokemon. It's level may decrease by 1 or increase by 1 as well (sometimes more). If it was your pokemon originally, you can go to the name rater and fix it. If the pokemon you used was shiny, the pokemon recieving the benefit of this trick will be shiny too.

Notes: Let's say you do this trick to a level 40 pokemon, it will have level 100 stat exp, so all you need to do is rare candy it to level 100 for the best possible stats. Also, after you do the trick, let's say to a level 40 pokemon, you can use that one to do the trick to others. I do this to get the best possible stats for my little cup team in Stadium 2 as well as all the other challenge modes in Pokemon Stadium 2.
(supplied by: Jin Suun Pak)


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