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Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest
Sony PlayStation 2
Level 20 character and 999 skill points:
When you begin playing the game after you have created your character and you gain control of them, enter this code during gameplay: Press and hold L1, R2, Triangle, R3. Your character should say something and you will now have a level 20 character and 999 skill points.

Fast Expirence:
You will need two open slots in your memory card for this cheat. Before killing a Boss Enemy (ie. Cloud King, The Vampire) Save your game in two seperate slots. Then go ahead and kill the boss. Once you get to a save point, save your game in slot 1. Then hit start and go to 'Load Game' Select slot 2 where you saved it just before the fight. Load that game up, then import the character from slot 1. This will have the expirence from the boss fight, but now you can fight the boss again for further expirence. Keep repeating until desired.The above method is good for later boss fights when they drop rare items.
(supplied by: SummerDude)

Duplicate Items:
This is ratherly a simple trick to preform. Espcially with multi-player games that allow import of other characters. You will need 1 empty slot in your memory card for this to work. Take the character that holds the item(s) you wish to duplicate. Save it to slot 1. Then go into your inventory and remove the item(s) you wish to be duplicated. Drop them onto the ground. Then hit start and go to Add/Remove Characters. Once you are in that screen hit 'triangle' to import another character. You will be takened to the screen where all games are saved. Chose the game which you just saved in. Select the game, then the correct character you wish to import. Then after the loading screen finnishes, you will be standing on/near the item you previously dropped. And if you look in your inventory, you will have the same item in there. Pick the dropped item up and save your game again. Keep repeating until you are satsified with the amount of duplicates. Great way to get rich, is by duplicating items that sell for tons of gold!
(supplied by: SummerDude)

Defeat Cloud Giant:
Go to the left or right and hide behind the fire where the cloud giant cant get you and fire arrows attacking between 50 and 70 damage. I used over 150 arrows.
(supplied by: Kingnothing)


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