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Cheat Codes
Press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console. Type "cheat [cheat name]" without the quote to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Note: These codes only work if your game has been patched to version 1.1 or later.

iwillmakethefamilyrichAdd 1 Lawyer
iwillripyourarmsoffAdd 1 Enforcer
youlittlehottieyouAdd 1 Seductress
pocketsfullofdoughAdd 1 Businessman
yourliverlandedoverthereAdd 1 Bazooka Guy
youhadbetterwearkevlarAdd 1 Black Widow
trustmewithyourlifeAdd 1 Bodyguard
ihavetenpoundfistsAdd 1 Super Bouncer
likeatonofbricksAdd 1 Bomber
youwillbestunnedAdd 1 Assassin
whatwasbrieflyyoursisnowmineAdd 1 Thief
iwilltakecareofyouAdd 1 Big Momma
thegreatvassilizaitsevAdd 1 Sniper
iknowodintooAdd 1 Ninja
kidiseeeverythingRemove Fog of War
wowitsgreattobethebossGod Mode
needmorelead1000 of Everything
youbetterpay100000 Cash


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